About Mashhad


Mashhad is the second most populous city in Iran. It is in the northeast of the country, close to the borders of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, it is most famous for housing the tomb of Imam Reza, the eighth Shia Imam. Every year, millions of pilgrims visit the Imam Reza shrine and also pay their tributes to Imam Reza. The Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid is also buried within the shrine. It has experienced the rise and fall of many governments over the course of history. Also many Arab, Turkish, and especially Mongolian and Afghan tribes have brought great changes in the language, ethnicity and culture of the people each in their own time. The tombs of Ferdowsi and Akhavan Sales; the two famous poets of Iran, are in Tus near Mashhad. Because of the holy shrine of Imam Reza, Most of the tourism attracted to the city are that of religious tourism. The tomb of Nadershah, Kooh Sangi Park, Tomb of Khajeh Morad and Shandiz are some other attractions of this city.