Iran Culture | The Persian Culture and Art

Persian Culture

Iran Culture | The Persian Culture and Art

Iran Culture

Fundamental factors shaping Iran culture can be found in the Persian Empire (Achaemenid), Sassanid era, Arab’s invasion, Mongol and Safavid attacks.
To understand the Iranian culture, one should also look at the independent states around Iran. Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and also even Armenia and Georgia as well as Iraqi Kurds and Turkey and Pakistan. These have also more or less inherited a part of the Persian culture. Even the national anthem of Pakistan is in Persian.
In general, the main elements that have influenced the Persian culture are as followed:
-Persian Language, The philosophy, religions and rituals of Zoroastrianism and Mithraism, Iranian art (literature and Persian poetry, Persian architecture and Iranian food) local cultures, Islam, different ethnic groups, Modernity.

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